American Flag

Betsy Ross lived from 1752 to 1836. She was born to Elizabeth Griscom in

Philadelphia. In 1773 she ran away with John Ross to get married. But her
husband died three years after they got married so Betsy took over his
upholstery business. In 1777 there was a great revolt between colonies, which
was called the Boston Tea Party. Since her job was a seamstress at her former
husband’s upholstery business, it was tradition that George Washington call on
her to ask her to design and sew a national flag. After asking if she could make
couple of changes on Washington’s original design she began to sew the famous

American flag. After all this happened Betsy married a shipmate, Joseph Ashburn
and they had two children. He died in prison after the British during the

American Revolution captured his boat. A year after he died she married John

Claypoole who shared a prison cell with her former husband. They had five
daughters. In 1817, which is when Claypoole died, Betsy went to go live with her
sister in Philadelphia. Betsy Ross lived a very interesting life and is very
famous because she hand sewed the American Flag!