The War of 1812 was a conflict between the nations of Great Britain and

The United States. This was a war fought over the rights of non-combatant,
neutral nations. Issues of this conflict included impressment, rights to limit
the navigation of soverign nations, and how a nation could cope if these rights
were violated. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s there were a series of
conflicts between Great Britain and France. Both of these countries trampled the
rights of non-combatants during the conflict. For example, Britain forbade any

American ship to sail to a port in the Napolianic Empire. Likewise, the French
government reciprocated with similar laws against ports within the British

Empire. Due to very harsh conditions on those serving in the British Naval

Service, many men deserted. This forced the British to turn to the practice of
impressment. This is a process by which the British effectively abducted
servicemen to fill their ranks. The British argument was that many of their men
deserted and began serving in the American Merchant Marine. This, in their
opinion, justified them in boarding American ships, and abducting their crew. At
one point, British impressment led to the Chesepeak Incident. During this
incident, when the American frigate refused to be boarded, it was fired apon. In
order to deal with these maters, the American authorities tried several peaceful
interventions. In order to prevent confrontations, the Embargo and

Non-Intercourse Acts were passed. These acts were in accordence with both

British and French wishes. However through all of these steps, the disrespect of

American soverignty continued. After exhusting all peacful options, the

Americans entered the War of 1812 with great hopes for a successful outcome.

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